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Welcome to TASIS England

TASIS The American School in England is unique. It’s beautiful 46-acre campus is located in the UK, within close proximity to vibrant London; yet it offers learners challenging American and International curriculums. With the best of both worlds, students embark on an academic journey of a lifetime.

Round the clock enrichment 

Boarding at TASIS England — available to motivated learners between the ages of 13-18 — gives limitless access to the full experience. In friendly, warm, and caring houses, students nurture life-long connections while living and learning together. Each student's unique contribution makes this close-knit community "greater than  the sum of its parts.”

Students come from 60 different countries and sharing a room with another student is an effective way to master the English language and gain global perspectives. Weekends are equally fulfilling thanks to a wide choice of exciting activities.

Where passions are inspired 

TASIS England does a remarkable job at helping students envision their future. Through athletics, the arts, community service, student clubs, leadership opportunities, and more — every learner can explore their interests, develop their talents, and find their own path to a successful future.

Some make these discoveries abroad. After all, travel is an integral part of the TASIS England experience. Every year during October half-term week, Upper School students pack their bags and jet off. Over the years, they’ve broadened their horizons on curriculum-related trips to  Italy, Portugal, Vienna, Greece, and Croatia — to name a few.

Outstanding Outcomes and Bright Futures

Every aspect of the TASIS England experience is designed to foster, nurture, and challenge aspirations. It’s a combination that works — outcomes are a testament to this.

Upper School students consistently achieve strong International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and Advanced Placement (AP) exam results. When they graduate, a majority take their next academic step at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Others succeed in making their professional dreams a reality.

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Learning and Growing In The Middle School

Here, young adolescents are guided by an expert faculty as they make sense of their increasing independence and their “new selves”. They also learn to collaborate by working closely with their peers. To further accelerate their growth, the students enjoy a variety of educational, leadership and social opportunities within and outside the classroom.

The Middle School academic program is underpinned by the philosophy that students should develop research and technology skills while acquiring a solid grounding in the subjects of mathematics, English language arts, history, science, and foreign languages. At the same time, they explore music, art, drama, health, and physical education.

Foundational Excellence In The Lower School

The holistic approach to education begins in TASIS England’s Lower School, which provides an enriching program focused on the academic, creative, moral, and physical development of tiny tots in Early Years (ages 3 and 4) up to curious learners in Grade 4.

As the children progress, so does the curriculum, ensuring that their natural curiosity is stimulated on every step of their learning journey. Regardless of age, all Lower School students enjoy a syllabus aligned with the AERO (American Education Reaches Out) Standards, which include Next Generation Science, Common Core Math and Common Core English Language Arts.