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Garrison Forest School has upheld its foundational commitment to empowering students and guiding them toward their aspirations since its establishment in 1910. Originally pioneering an innovative educational mission for girls during the turn of the 20th century, the school's vision continues to thrive in the 21st century. From its inception, Garrison Forest has functioned as an all-girls' day and boarding school while also offering a coeducational primary programme, now known as the preschool.

Copyright © 2023 Study International, official representative of Garrison Forest School


The school’s boarding experience here is seamlessly woven into its comprehensive educational approach, with a strong focus on meeting the specific developmental needs of each student. Here, every girl is known by name and seen as a pivotal member of the boarding community. This level of personalised attention ensures young women develop self-discipline, maturity and independence while learning to navigate situations they might encounter in university and beyond.


At Garrison Forest, no two learning journeys are ever the same — this is precisely because students here are encouraged to deep dive into topics that pique their own interests. Simply put, passion serves as a guiding light, whether that is innovating devices for upcoming STEM competitions or addressing national public health issues.