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There are hundreds of law schools in the US. Few, however, boast Boston University School of Law’s venerable status, list of trailblazing graduates and distinctive suite of offerings.

It is ranked 20th in US News & World Report’s ranking of law schools (2021). Its home is a state-of-the-art building with the best views of Boston. Among its list of alumni is the first woman to be admitted to the Massachusetts Bar. Its location in the nation’s college capital is unbeatable.

Since its founding in 1872, BU Law has been a leader in the teaching and study of law, as well as related disciplines. Faculty, who regularly rank at the top of Princeton Review’s Best Professors list, prepare a diverse body of students for the ethical practice of law around the globe, and to serve the public interest. 


Picture studying next to the banks of the beautiful Charles River and Esplanade pathway. Close by are a lively mix of cultural offerings. Here, you can take a break from the books with a visit to Fenway Park — America's most beloved ballpark and home to the Boston Red Sox — or the Museum of Fine Arts, where you can experience art from ancient Egyptian to contemporary, special exhibitions, and innovative educational programs. Hungry? Dine al fresco at a sidewalk café or check out one of the many food trucks found throughout the city.

BU Law offers a huge selection of courses across a diverse array of legal fields and areas of practice.

Rigorous, flexible and rewarding courses

American Law Program

Gain the finest traits of an American lawyer to skillfully handle the complex demands of global clients with the LLM in American Law. In this premier program, you’ll learn how American lawyers think, approach legal problems and handle client matters. You’ll be part of the JD classroom and exposed to the same training American students receive in the tradition of US legal education. Like all programs, professional development is offered (more on that below).

Intellectual Property Law Program

An increasingly digitized world calls for savvier lawyers. With the LLM in Intellectual Property from one of the nation’s top 10 schools for IP law, you’ll be on your way to achieve this with a curriculum that includes a range of IP and IP-related classes offered through the school’s JD curriculum. Focus is on the primary areas of IP: copyright law, patent law, and trademark and unfair competition law.

Graduate Tax Program

The diverse offerings of this program are as expansive as they are impactful. Legal professionals can opt for the LLM in Taxation, which follows one of the most comprehensive curricula among taxation programs and is offered online or residentially. It builds on a long history of excellence — it has been named one of the Top 10 LLM Programs for US Tax Law in both 2017 and 2019 by LLM Guide.

Aspiring and current accountants, auditors, and other business professionals may opt for the online or residential 
Master in the Study of Tax Law — which will begin with an introduction to the US tax system, law, and procedures before sharpening skills in tax research and draftsmanship.

Estate planners and wealth management professionals can learn from industry experts online or residentially in the 
Estate Planning Certificate. Gain detailed knowledge of the substantive case law, statutory rules, and regulatory guidance with respect to the tax aspects of Estate Planning. This certificate also serves as a pathway to the LLM in Taxation. 

Banking & Financial Law Program

The LLM in Banking & Financial Law (online or residential) remains the only financial services LLM program in the country with its own faculty and a curriculum designed exclusively for graduate study. If you seek financial services law training to tackle the regulatory, transactional, and compliance needs of clients across financial institutions, government agencies, trade associations, law firms, and corporations worldwide, it’s harder to find a more exclusively specialized one than this.

For early-career financial services compliance professionals, or those seeking a career in financial services compliance, the online 
Certificate in Financial Services Compliance provides a prestigious and valuable credential from a top-ranked law school. It is taught by industry experts and backed by more than 30 years of experience in financial services education through the Graduate Banking & Financial Law Program.

Legal English Programs

Improve your legal English skills and build an important foundation in core American legal concepts. You will receive intensive instruction in legal English communication skills, as well as a graduated and foundational exposure to American legal culture, vocabulary, concepts and legal academic skills. BU School of Law offers the full-year Legal English Certificate Program and the six-week Summer Legal English Program.

Professional development for career success

What sets BU School of Law apart is its broad offerings of expert advice and guidance to develop your professional skills.

Access personalized and one-on-one coaching to develop job search strategies

Hone your interviewing and networking skills

Perfect your US resume and cover letter

What’s more, you can also access BU’s online job, internship, pro bono and career resource database as well as attend an extensive array of career-related workshops and panels throughout the academic year.